6 Tips for Improved Website Navigation

Website Navigation May 15,2017

Proper website navigation is essential to the success of any website as it directly impacts user response and SEO performance. Good website navigation allows visitors to find what they want quickly and with minimal effort while also making it easy for search engines to craw and fully appreciate your website.

Website navigation refers to your internal link architecture or how your site’s webpages are connected to each other. Its main purpose is to help users find stuff on your site faster and easier. Its second purpose is to help search engine bots to discover and index new pages that are added to your website. It helps the bots understand the content and context of each page as well as its relationship with the other pages. Below are 6 tips to help you improve your website’s navigation.

  1.    Users First

The human visitors should always be the first priority, SEO optimization only secondary. Don’t do anything that compromises user experience regardless of how beneficial it is to search engine crawlers.

  1.    Cross-link Between Content Silos

Content relevancy among linked pages is important for favorable search engine rankings. Well categorized hierarchical site architecture can accomplish this naturally but with inherent limitations. As the website grows and more and more pages are added, older pages may get buried and near impossible for users to visit. Cross-linking content silos can prevent this from happening by providing visitors a shortcut.

  1.    Blogs

Aim to have at least one high quality blog post for each product you provide. Then place links on those blog posts that point to the respective product page and vice versa. This way, if the blog post piques the interest of your target audience, the user can go directly go to the product page for more product information. Conversely, if the user sees your product page and wants to know more about its applications, he can go directly to the relevant blog post.

  1.    No Tracking Parameters

Don’t use tracking parameters unless you don’t have any other choice. Use the onClick event handler instead so you’ll have a self-referencing canonical tag.

  1.    No JavaScript Content and Links

JavaScript content and links are harder to understand for search engine crawlers. Refrain from using them.

  1.    Proper Link Priority

The ideal link priority to achieve an organized and accessible look for your website is:

  •         Main content
  •         Sidebar
  •         Top bar
  •         Footer


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