An In-depth Analysis of the Consumer Mindset May 21,2017 by admin

For years, businesses have been aware of a practice among consumers that seems to drive how they respond to marketing. This practice is called Mental Accounting. Mental Accounting refers to a set of cognitive operations used by individuals and households to organize, evaluate and keep track of finan...

Work Habits that Cause Failure

Failure is normal. It’s part of the process that makes us better people. However, if you are experiencing failure more often than success, then maybe we need to take a look at yourself. There are se...

May 20,2017 by admin

What Defines an Original Thinker?

Original Thinkers – they are people who drive innovation, adaptability and problem-solving in any situation. They are highly valuable and sought-after, and organizations will stop at nothing to ...

May 19,2017 by admin

How to Pick the Right Web Host

Web hosting is an important aspect of having a website. Finding the right host is important to avoid hassles and unnecessary costs. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right web host.    Be Cau...

May 18,2017 by admin

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