Dark Patterns You Should Avoid to Achieve Ethical UI Design May 17,2017 by admin

Just like how there is black hat SEO, there is black pattern for UI design. Dark pattern practices are like pitfalls that trap users into signing up or buying something accidentally by using the user’s propensity to skim contain against him. One commonly used dark pattern technique is making certa...

Top 3 Responsive Website Navigation Patterns

Static website navigation is ancient history. Nowadays, where more and more people browse the internet using tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, it’s all about being responsive. Here are...

May 16,2017 by admin

6 Tips for Improved Website Navigation

6 Tips for Improved Website Navigation

Proper website navigation is essential to the success of any website as it directly impacts user response and SEO performance. Good website navigation allows visitors to find what they want quickly an...

May 15,2017 by admin

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