What Defines an Original Thinker?

May 19,2017

Original Thinkers – they are people who drive innovation, adaptability and problem-solving in any situation. They are highly valuable and sought-after, and organizations will stop at nothing to identify and integrate them, as they would provide a huge advantage in the marketplace.

Are you an original thinker? How do you spot one?

There are four dimensions that make up an original thinker, and using these dimensions will allow you to identify them, be it in your current employees or future applicants. Here are these four dimensions:

Ideas Generation

Original thinkers are highly fluent, and are a powerhouse of ideas. Though some of their ideas may sound impractical, it’s the sheer amount of ideas that they produce, that sets them apart. They provide solutions and ideas, however impractical, to solve a situation, when others would just grumble and complain.

They also produce ideas that some would never even perceive. In their approach to thinking, they let their ideas incubate, a period where they let their thoughts boil, followed by a “eureka” experience. This is called “Illuminative Moment.”

Personality Traits

Original Thinkers tends to be curious. Very curious. They ask questions, a lot of them. Whenever they encounter something new, they couldn’t help but want to know how and why it works.

In line with curiosity, they are also comfortable in times of ambiguity and uncertainty. They do not see things in black and white, and revel in contradiction, competing evidence, and shades of gray, all to see the truth.


Original thinkers tend to be intrinsically motivated. Their drive stems from deep within themselves, which makes them very self-confident.

They can be quite competitive, and will likely want their ideas to win against those of others. If they are placed in a team, they may work well in a collaborative environment, sharing their ideas with their team members. However, they will want their team to perform better against other teams.


Original Thinkers are oftentimes very confident about their ideas. This applies to having ideas, sharing them, and implementing them, with all-in confidence that they will work.

So, are you an original thinker?


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