How to make a Viral Idea

May 22,2017

In today’s internet society, one of the most coveted experiences is to create something that becomes “viral”. It could be a photo, a post, or a video. For businesses, we strive for something greater: a viral idea.

Before the inception of hashtags, newsfeeds, even pens and paper, the spread of ideas traces its roots back to the cultural art of storytelling. This deep-seated tradition of sharing knowledge kept tradition, lineage, and legends. At our core, we are storytelling machines – we create our own story, and we love to share it.

So how do you make an idea viral? It’s all in the presentation.

When it comes to remembering and understanding ideas and information, a human excels the most when it is presented in story form. When we hear stories, we connect them to our own experiences. This in turn reaches us in an interpersonal level, activating analytical and cognitive cues. This is the same concept that made Hollywood popular – at the movies, we see stories come to life.

Storytelling can be used in digital marketing. In fact, they have been used in films, trends, and even for social movements.

Storytelling and Crowdfunding

The space in crowdfunding is becoming more and more saturated, with projects ranging from the absurd to the viable. Nowadays, project creators need to set themselves apart from every other project that already exists. But how?

Utilize storytelling.

Rather than sitting in front of a camera, explaining yourself and your project as if you are in an interview, processing slide after slide from your PowerPoint presentation, it’s worth more to make a story that is story driven – with you as the main actor, your project as your plot, and the crowdfunding community as your audience. This will have the potential to attract viewers faster as it connects to a more intuitive human level. Then it will be shared, reposted, retweeted. Again, and again, and again.

With social media revolutionizing our ability to interact with one another, technology giving us the tools to extend our mind far beyond our thumbs, and the growing number of users, it’ll become increasingly apparent how interpersonal marketing and storytelling will continue to drive the spread of ideas in this age of information.


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