How to Pick the Right Web Host

May 18,2017

Web hosting is an important aspect of having a website. Finding the right host is important to avoid hassles and unnecessary costs. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right web host.

  1.    Be Cautious with Big Names

There are numerous web hosts in the market. Finding one is quite easy. Some of the big players even advertise through television. Be careful though. Some of the big hosting companies may offer unbelievably low introductory rates but will surprise you with overly expensive renewal fess and an extremely complicated transfer process. There are still big names with fair policies. Just make sure you do enough research before making your choice.

  1.    Consider Their Uptime

Hosts routinely perform maintenance work during which their servers are shut down which means all websites they are hosting become temporarily unavailable. There are hosting providers that use backup servers to maintain 100% uptime but they are quite rare. The more established ones promise 99.99% uptime which is often good enough.

  1.    Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth

The two most important parameters in web hosting are storage space and internet bandwidth. The first determines how many files your website can store while the second determines the number of concurrent users your website can accommodate before it undergoes forced shutdown due to overcrowding. Having no limit to the storage and bandwidth your website can use means you won’t have to worry about your site becoming too big or experiencing too much traffic.

  1.    Look For Freebies

Look for a web host that offers free software, marketing elements, and other useful stuff to new clients. Some web hosting service providers offer content management systems that will make maintaining and managing your website a lot easier. Marketing tools and tutorials for setting up PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and Bing are also usually included. These can do a lot in speeding up the growth of your website.

It is always best to find a web host you can stick with forever. Switching web hosts can be a bothersome affair. So take your time and do proper research before making a deal with a hosting provider.


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