Top 3 Responsive Website Navigation Patterns

May 16,2017

Static website navigation is ancient history. Nowadays, where more and more people browse the internet using tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, it’s all about being responsive. Here are the 3 best responsive website navigation patterns.

  1.    The Do Very Little Pattern

You can visit the website of UX London 2017 to see the Do Very Little pattern at its complete glory. The pattern focuses on maximizing visibility and utility and not a single part of the navigation gets hidden behind any progressive disclosure. The navigation is presented in such a way that the visitor is sure to notice it at first glance. The pattern also has no client-side dependencies, which means less failure points for your website. The pattern is perfect for simple navigation wherein there are only a few navigation items you need to show and no more than one level of application is shown at a time.

  1.    The Multi-Level Toggle

Let’s take a look at the official website of the White House to see the Multi-Level Toggle pattern in action. It is the ideal pattern for websites that need to show multiple levels of navigation at the same time. The pattern makes toggling the subsections to see the contents within very quick and easy. It may look plain and simple but it does its job pretty well. It allows the user to view 10 or more items at once via a comprehensive drop-down menu to make manually searching for topics as fast as possible.

  1.    The Simple Toggle

The Simple Toggle pattern is in full display at the website of Starbucks. This pattern is the best option when you only need to show one level of navigation at a time but that level contains numerous items. It is perfect for the menu sections of food websites, item section of retail websites, etc. Just make sure the icons and colors are clear and that the arrangement does not look disorganized. Make sure there is enough space to between each item so that the items do not appear overwhelming to the user.


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